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Hi all,
I’m Norman and another Mint user – Mint 16 with cinnamon although I was running ubuntu until I started having major problems with 13.10 and after installation of 14.04 the same problems which didn’t get sorted after 3 weeks. I shrunk /home and installed Mint alongside Ubuntu but kept the same /home and user name and have had no problems since which still seems odd seeing as Mint is based on Ubuntu.
I started trying Linux when I had Win 95 on my HP 486. If I remember correctly it was Slackware with I think kernel 2.0.29 or there about. What a steep learning curve! It took me over a week of spare time reading to get networking set up. Suddenly I didn’t need to re-install the O/S every month because it trashed itself.
I live on Bute off the west coast of Scotland but will be moving back to Lincolnshire once our house is sold.
Oh just a thought maybe that currently makes me the most remote member, and, as I am 70 possibly the oldest too?
best wishes to you all