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    Linux have recently updated many of the most popular distro’s that are available, not only that but with each of the distro’s they have updated all the versions so that Linux Mint, for example, is now available in Cinnamon, MATE, XDE, xfce etc… and the distro’s are themselves available to download at either 64 or 32 bit. We have a vast choice before we even begin to personalise the product. Linux have covered so many bases with Lite versions aimed at making XP netbooks immediately up to date and feature loaded and weighty versions for desktop machines. With Mint and Ubuntu 14.01 our machines will be regularly and quietly updated all the way through to 2019. All of us will have upgraded from Windows even if you did it as soon as you bought a new laptop or whatever. I upgraded to Linux in April when XP support was withdrawn for us mere retail consumers. I decided not to be a mug and pay Microsoft but to make the leap, initially on an old desktop machine. I was amazed by the speed increase in opening up the OS and being able to work. So many times with Windows, just as you have an important task to do you can find yourself hugely delayed by anti-virus updates, windows updates which are slow and require a re-boot and it was so easy to swear at the wretched PC.
    As soon as I started using Linux, I found it stable, very fast indeed and when the downloads are ready the task is soon over and I have never had to reboot. In short, it felt like moving from an OS like an old Skoda to an OS like a brand new 21st century one.
    I enjoy some of the tutorials that are on You Tube and am fascinated at reviews of other distros such as Zorin 07. Personally, I have always chosen the 32 bit versions.
    It’s great extending the life of an old desktop or laptop and although I am new to Linux, I find it fascinating. In the days before Windows 95 I did an evening course called CLAIT which was an introductory computer course using dos. Linux I can see serves my daily needs well now but it will let my knowledge grow along with my confidence and interest in it. Among other LUG members, whether home users such as myself, or experienced workers in IT, I thought I would ask fellow members which Linux distro they favour the most.


    I’ve tried many, many distros over the years and have settled now for Linux Mint (Cinammon 64bit).

    I still dabble with different Desktop Environments – XFCE is always a lightweight favourite!

    I see that KDE 5.0 is out for testing, might be worth a look – but I haven’t liked KDE since version 4 – personal preference.

    Mint, however, serves me extremely well and with that Ubuntu base I get all the stability and compatibility.

    Oh, and I’m a convert to the Chromebook! Linux based and a treat to use!


    I have recently upgraded to Linux Mint 17 ‘Rebecca’ which is a LTR (long term release) which will get regular software updates for the next 5 years.
    Although I had previously loaded ‘Qiane’, the previous Mint release, I discovered that it had stopped uploading updates and on examination,it was ‘saucy’ updates which had stopped.
    It was curious because these updates were from a past expired distro.
    I am so confident and pleased with Linux Mint that it now is my main and sole OS.
    I no longer run a dual boot with Windows. That shows a real vote in favour for open software.


    I agree Mint is a superb distro, I had it on my main box and laptop for nearly a year!

    I thought, though, after seeing Linux Help Guy’s videos on youtube to try Peppermint 6.

    I tried a previous version and wasn’t too impressed but version 6 is fab – based on ubuntu 14.04 LTS, same as Mint Rebecca, it absolutely flies – especially on my i7!

    Have a look at LHG’s vids – don’t mind the swearing – and see what you think!


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