Lincs LUG Restart

customLogo.gifThe Lincolnshire Linux User Group has been dormant for a few years.

Now, with extra free time and a fresh future for our favourite Operating System it’s time to get the group up and running again.

The LincsLUG is being restarted by Dave Rice and Iain Baker as an online community. Whilst there are a number of excellent, localised LUGs in the County, there is no formal group for everyone.

LincsLUG is now here to cater for the needs of the whole  Lincolnshire community and to promote Linux to individuals, Companies and Organisations in the County.

The LUG website is currently made up of a Blog, a Forum and a Chat room to facilitate the needs of online communication. If further tools are needed in the future we’ll add them.

So, to start, if you’re a Linux user or are looking into using Linux, sign up and start using the tools that we have and join the Lincolnshire Linux User Group! It’s free!

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