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Hi, I’m Mick,

I moved from Windoze to Ubuntu in 1997 I think, and stuck with that until they moved to the Unity desktop, which I liked so much that I swapped to Debian. I stuck with Debian for a while, the only problem with that is that it seems to take ages for package updates to work their way through to the Stable release, so I tried Mint, which I really like, so far at least.

I also have a few Raspberry Pi’s running Raspian, one controls by solar heating system.

Current systems
Server – Ubuntu 10.10 – I know it is unsupported now, I will get around to chaning it to Debian at some point.
Desktop – Mint 16 with Cinnamon desktop
Laptop – Debian Wheezy – planning to change that to Mint at some point
Several RasPi’s

I don’t consider myself to be a programmer, but I have written stuff in many different languages over the years, Basic, Pascal, C, etc. Current favorite is Python.

I look forward to having another group of people to fire my questions to


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