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Hi BigBri5050,

welcome to the Lincs LUG website.

“Other” OSs are the way forward in my opinion, especially with the security concern that is Windows 10 (and now 7 & 8 as well).

It’s great that you’re thinking of investigating Linux as an alternative.

For your needs I’d take a look at Linux Mint, or Peppermint OS6. Both are great for beginners and not too much of a wrench from the Win XP experience.

Linux Mint Website
Peppermint Website

Both will suit your needs, but I have to say that Linux and iTunes, as far as I know, don’t play well together. The app from Apple Inc. won’t run as there is no Linux version. There may be an alternative app that will talk to your Apple devices though, I’m not an expert and don’t own one so I can’t say for sure.

Are you looking to install Linux yourself or for someone to give you a hand?