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    Hi everyone, I am am Richard an approaching silver surfer, already retired through ill health and disability and I live in East Lyndsey, in Louth.In April this year my home office PC which had been running XP I transformed to Linux Mint 16 xfce on April 8th. I was outraged at being ransomed by Microsoft. As soon as I burned my Mint disc and loaded it, I loved the look of it plus all the preloaded software and the ease of the transistion from Windoze.
    Subsequently, I had dual booted a 7 laptop to Mint 17 with Cinnamon and dual booted a Vista laptop tp Mint 17 with MATE. I have no command knowledge, no real Linux knowledge at all but with Mint I can access all the internet I need with the pre-programmed software plus some I have easily added. Even though I still have dual boot options, it’s a pleasure to switch on Linux and get an immediate start up, rapid updates, and not to see the name of a Corporation when I switch on. Social surfer, music and photography interests but home based mainly. I spend 90% of online time now in Linux.


    Hi Richard,

    welcome to the LUG!



    Hi David,
    I see you noticed my promotion of a Linux Mint tutorial on G+.
    Please excuse me for not writing sooner or visiting the group. G+ can be quite compulsive.
    I enjoy photography, music and in my own small way anorak and geeky things so its a very nice site. I hope that the Linux Voice article will bring more of us out of the woodwork, so to speak. Don’t tell the magazine because for all that work they may be disappointed to know that I bought it on the magazine and bookstall on Louth market on Wednesdays for just £1. A good buy indeed. Hope this good summer is good for you both at work and relaxing in your down time. Thanks for the welcome. Richard.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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