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The broadband is fine for general use in Louth but isn’t always good with dealing with video in HD. Sometimes at night one can play a You Tube video at 1080 ips with no problems but generally in the day if you want no breaks or buffering then you need to stay at 480.
I use Plusnet which I believe is now a division of BT. Great price and service though.
I believe I have heard that we in Louth are going to have to wait to the final roll out of super fast broadband in the county, which was originally going to be next year.
I’m not a gamer so it’s not a problem. The BBC iPlayer usually works fine.
Although I heard a County Councillor point out that super fast had been already rolled out along the coast as a priority for holidaymakers, I find that each time I go to enjoy the sea at Huttoft and at Sutton that there is no wi-fi at all. No mobile phone calls to disturb you – some people might regard that as heaven! That’s my penny’worth folks.