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    I know there are a lot of ways we can encourage people to use Linux and I wonder what you all do? perhaps you can comment so we can share our ideas and, where it makes sense adopt as many as we can.

    So here goes for my 2 pennyworth:

    I have an older laptop which I loan out to friends and family when they have problems with their PC’s ( Windows of course )

    Whenever I go in a shop which sells computers/parts/software to buy anything I make a point of saying something like “If it doesn’t work with my Linux box can I bring it back for an exchange or refund?” usually they say “No” so I say “Oh okay I will go to …. and see if they will” It’s only worked once so far but I hope it will make some difference overall if a lot of us do it.

    I email companies such as HP to tell them I have bought their printers/computers and so on and mention specifically it’s because of their good support of Linux. i have, from time to time, emailed others such as Lexmark and Canon to tell them I didn’t buy their kit because they still didn’t support Linux.


    I always ask as to whether hardware works with Linux! Just mentioning the name gets a mixture of looks!

    I am converting people, one at a time, to Linux – especially Win XP users.


    I asked one firm who sniffily replied that they didn’t support ‘third party software’.
    That was the end of that enquiry. On a hardware note, I get catalogues from Morgan Computers who sell overstocked and refurbished PCs etc. They are currently selling an HP Compaq DC7900 PC (minus monitor) for £89.95 with a 160GB Hard disk running Windows XP Professional. A superb buy to get a good spec desktop ready for you to either dual boot or replace with your favourite Linux distro right away. (Part code 44359A) Freephone 0800 008 7451. Apart from being a customer I have no link with this firm and am not being paid to place this item here.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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